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To become the leading real estate company in africa providing world class real estate services that meet our clients needs at all times.

Our Mission

We exist to provide world- class services in the area of our core competences that leave our clients happy and thoroughly satisfied.

Our Core Values

  • Growth
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Skill and continuous learning
  • Quality customer service
  • Prompt delivery 
  • Team work

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About The Company

If you are like many Lagos home buyers today, you are concerned about one or more of these things:

  • Affordability: You are worried that prices keep increasing.
  • Competition: All the other buyers who are after the exact same house you need.
  • Selling a Home First: If you are buying a new house, it probably means you have one you need to sell first. 
  • Down Payment: What if sellers are asking for a very high down payment?
  • Shortage of Homes: You are afraid there aren’t enough homes you can choose from. 

That is why we’re here. Years of helping home buyers find the homes of their dreams has exposed us to the best ways of helping you get your dream homes, working with your budget and every other concern you might have. 

We have helped 210 clients become happy home owners and we know the best strategies to make the process hassle-free for you.

Tips and Tricks

5 Best Kept Secrets About Buying A Home

Secret #1: Get To Know The Neighborhood

Casually drive past the neighborhood at different hours of the day where you have found a potential home to make sure it is what you really want. Things you want to check are its closeness to important places such as markets, schools, churches, places of work. You can use that opportunity to get a feel of what the neighborhood looks like at different times of the day.

Secret #2: Inspect The House

You can do this by hiring an inspector who will help you check the condition of the house with expert eyes in case there's something wrong with the house. Your love for the house may cloud your judgement. Which is why I am suggesting a third-party's unbiased opinion.

Secret #3: Remove Emotions When Buying a House

Use your instincts rather than your emotions when buying your home. Using your instincts will ensure you are getting a good house for a good value rather than because you love the paint color.

Secret #4: Be Aware of Sleeper Costs

If you are aware of sleeper costs, you will be able to make budgets towards them. These are things like taxes, maintenance, repairs etc. So that you don't lose your home.

Secret #5: Stop Trying to Time the Market

The perfect time to buy your house is when you find one that you truly love. Real estate constantly goes up and down. So if you keep waiting for that perfect time to buy, you may never get your dream house. If you do want to keep an eye on when prices are down though, you can always contact us. That's why we are here for you.
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FlourishingOaks Realtors is known for excellent and prompt customer service delivery. Ms Ope is always on point to explain the details of the property that cuts my interest, and always follow up to ensure customer satisfaction. I'll always recommend her services to anyone who is looking for quality, reliable and professional Realtors.

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Ms Akinyemi (United Kingdom)

Two words comes to mind when you're dealing with Ope, "Integrity and reliability". Just sit down, relax, and she'll handle everything with attention to detail. Best realtor ever!!!

Opeyemi Alebiosu
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